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Passing Down The Dough Culture

It all started when our founder, Alex Ong noticed a group of elderly women who worked day and night to manually knead, roll and fry dough at their stalls. Inspired by the hard work and determination of these women; and his heart for the community, he set out to automate a dough-making process

Grandma kneading the dough

revive this lost tradition through innovation

Despite dough-making being a sunset trade, Alex was determined to revive this lost tradition through innovation

Alex embarked on a journey to different parts of Asia to meet with several dough leaders to master the art of traditional dough-making, only to return with greater zest. He experimented and persevered to perfect the technique of dough freezing, to lengthen its shelf life while retaining its freshness.


Taking inspiration from the region’s signature dough delicacies, Alex also delved into researching, adapting and developing unique recipes to create a wider variety of products that arouse local taste buds.


Finally, the winning recipe for Dough Culture was born.

You Tiao and Kopi

the simple pleasures that Dough Culture sets out to achieve

In order to cultivate a culture of consuming oriental dough snacks, Alex continued to innovate doughmaking processes. He tapped on his wealth of engineering expertise to design and build an automated dough-making machine capable of creating fresh dough fritters with consistent taste, texture and appearance. His innovation successfully increased productivity and workers were accorded with more time to rest

While many are captivated by café-hopping and fine dining restaurants, the simple pleasures in life should not be forgotten. Turning his dream into a reality, traditional dough snacks that were once held dear will continue to be passed on to generations through Dough Culture

Bringing back lost traditions to generations to come